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תוכן זה לא כמות מילים. שיווק זה לא רק כסף. טיפוס זה אתגר. טיולים זה בי"ס. אנשים זה חיים. דרך חיים זה הכל יחד



I'm 29 years old and I am chasing rocks around the world. Originally from Israel, spending most of my time in Cataloni, Spain for the sake of climbing. Rock climbing.

Over the last years, I started chasing content. I have been writing and editing articles, posts, newsletters, and everything you can think of for several companies, in all kinds of subjects - from trends to tech to farming. Literally everything.

I love doing research, and I love writing about it. I love chasing knowledge, I love the challenge. I have also specialized and digital marketing as a field, so I'll know to provide services with a wide perspective.

But more than all, I love connecting ideas to letters. I offer smiley service with good pricing, based on personal relationships.


QUICK! Don't wait. I'm responsive, and I deliver fast!
PErsonal Service! I want to understand your dreams. Then I'll start the work.
Fair pricing. Honestly, I never just give the price and go. I love a fair decision made by both sides so everyone's happy.
OPEN! For your opinions, desicions, and changes.